About Us

Emergency Departments are challenging to manage. We provide solutions for staffing and scheduling providers and improving patient flow. Our tools give you flexible options and strong solutions to meet the specifics of your department without distracting bells and whistles.


  • Staffing

    When should shifts for each provider type start and stop?

  • Scheduling

    Who should work each shift to support safety, satisfaction, and fairness?

  • Flow

    What can we learn from our data about our performance meaures?

How it Works

We apply advanced mathematical techniques to optimize staffing, scheduling, and flow.

  • 20 Providers
  • 7 Days
  • 80 Shifts
  • 10 Rules
  • 1 Strategy

An ED with 20 providers across 7 days might have about 80 shifts to staff. When should those shifts occur? Assigning those shifts to individual providers might have 10 rules, including penalties on sequencing, fair distributions of certain shifts, and following circadian rhythms. Although many solutions could exist to rationalize operations, the team should follow 1 strategy and consisently provide the best experience for patients and providers.

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